The Continually Changing Path

Be it Soaring or Grounded

16 September
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Through my life I've always felt that I've never quite been in the right place, that life itself was only something that I was going through not something that I was actually living, that there would be a time when I would understand it all and know why I've had to walk the paths I've had to walk. Although it has taken 50 years, somehow, through coming to this physical location, on this earth, I've begun to find my place --- it seems to be a developing thing because I still don't feel completely and totally comfortable, but I'm beginning to have times where the harmonies are all in tune and I know I'm walking in the right direction. I've begun to feel that I'm Real in this life and not just a placeholder for some other spirit, and although I don't understand it all, or even half of it, I'm beginning to find what could possibly be the meaning of my life.

Things are changing drastically in my belief systems, my outlook on myself and those around me, and my inner eyes are starting to see ME truthfully. It is sometimes shocking, sometimes disappointing, sometimes wondrous, and often comforting. But it is happening, and that is the most important thing.

As I've seen stated elsewhere, you are free to talk to me, comment on my entries, add subtract multiply or divide your thoughts around mine, but please don't ever invalidate what I have to say. My journal is my thoughts, my feelings, my ruminations and my creativity -- it is a reflection of me. If you don't like what you see, then continue on your journey and be well.